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  Stari gradski pesni - Minaha godini ...
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Product: #85
Label: Gega New
Style: Oldtime City Songs
Serial id: GD 163
Released: 2000
Buy mc $ 12.15

Buy cd $ 16.00
Emilia VENENA and Kostadin Gougov “Years have passed…” one of the most popular Bulgarian city songs of olden days, is the title piece of this collection of 16 excellent songs whose authors have remained unknown. The singers - Emilia Veneva and Kostadin Gougov perform the arrangements by Emil Kolev and Hristofor Radanov with sincere and deep-felt emotion, expressing the mood and masterfully underlining the meaning of the lyrics. This type of everyday romantic music was developed approximately at the beginning of the 20th century and was handed down from generation to generation. The people who still love these songs are moved by the romantic flavour, preserved both in the lyrics and the music - tunes that are beautiful, tender, elegiac; their simplicity is disarming; they are easy to understand and easily remembered. The recordings were made with professionalism, which gives them historical value. Having sprung from the bottom of the soul, these are songs for everyone who can feel and appreciate a touch of sentimentality. This is a wonderful CD for family celebrations, a comfort for the heart, a beam of brightness in our everyday life.
   Tracks mp3 sample audio sample video sample
  Minaha godini listenlisten-
  Taz vecher praznuvam razlyka listenlisten-
  Majchino syrce (muzika Petyr Radoev) ---
  Gyrdi si s rozi nabiti ---
  Belite manastiri ---
  Na tezhko vino ---
  Az iskam da te zabravia ---
  Zaspali chuvstva ---
  V gradinata na tvoiata dusha listenlisten-
  Dva buka ---
  Celuvkata na Ana ---
  Kazhi, kazhi, bedni mi ribariu ---
  Ako e griah, che te obicham ---
  Az ne iskam golemi bogatstva ---
  Nedej tyguva ---
  Dragieva cheshma---
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