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    Home Gega New Koleda - Detski hor pri BNR, dirigent Hristo Nedialkov
  Koleda - Detski hor pri BNR, dirigent Hristo Nedialkov
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Product: #389
Label: Gega New
Style: Children`s Songs
Serial id: GD 236
Released: 2000
Buy cd $ 16.00
The Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir under the baton of Hristo Nedyalkov present the most popular all over the world Christmas songs like Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Holy Night, Oh Christmas Tree, as well as Bulgarian carols by Dobri Hristov, Anguel Bukureshtliev, Petko Stainov, Marin Goleminov. Very popular are too Winter Song (All Over the Silent Fields), Santa Claus and Song of the Christmas Tree by Hristo Nedyalkov with which several generations of Bulgarian children grew up. Hristo Nedyalkov, the well-known choral conductor, founded the Bulgarian National Radio Children’s Choir in 1960. For a short time it established itself as one of the elite Bulgarian choirs because of its crystal sound, its incredible sense of the style, content and mood of each song, its rich repertoire including works from different ages, from the 17th century up to modern time, both by Bulgarian and foreign composers. The choir's concerts in Bulgaria and around the world (the Children's choir of the Bulgarian National Radio has performed in almost 30 countries) are a true festive occasion for the connoisseurs of the art of choral singing. The greatly recognized and famous choir expert communicates his experience and knowledge to students, choral conductors, music experts, guests from abroad and music teachers. This way his work with the Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir becomes a true school for choral art.
   Tracks mp3 sample audio sample video sample
  Zvyniat zvyncheta (Dzhejms Pierpont) listenlisten-
  Tiha nosht, sviata nosht (Franc Gruber) ---
  Radost za sveta (Isak Uejts /po Hendel/) ---
  Koledna pesen (Adolf Adam) ---
  Nad smylchanite poleta (Hristo Nedialkov, t. Dimityr Spasov) ---
  O, elhichke (Nemska tradicionna koledna pesen) ---
  Maria si rodi detence (Negyrski spirichuyl) ---
  Panis angelikus (Cezar Frank) ---
  Bogovica na polica (Dobri Hristov, t. Petko R. Slavejkov) listenlisten-
  Koledari (Petyr Boiadzhieb, t. Pencho Slabejkov) ---
  Snezhinki (Hristo Nedialkov, t. Dimityr Spasov) listenlisten-
  Dve dobrudzhanski koledarski pesni (obrabotva Petyr Boiadzhiev) ---
  Otche nash (Iban Dubinskij) ---
  Tri koledarski pesni ot Silistrensko (obrabotva Petyr Boiadzhiev) ---
  Diado Koleda (Hristo Nedialkov, t. Dimityr Spasov) ---
  Kitni gosti, Koledari (Venedikt Bobchevski, t. naroden) ---
  Stani mome, otvori ni (Marin Goleminov, t. naroden) ---
  Bydna vecher (Canko Cankov, t. Nikolaj V. Rakitin) ---
  Pesen na elhichkata (Hristo Nedialkov, t. Dimityr Spasov) ---
  Grejnala iasna zvezdica (Petko Stajnov, t. naroden) ---
  Oj Koledo, moj Koledo (Angel Bukureshtliev, t. Pencho Slavejkov) ---
  Hvalite imia Gospodne (Dobri Hristov) ---
  Koledno horo (obrabotva Georgi Dimitrov) ---
  Otche nash (Nikolaj Kedrov) ---
  Kukuvichka kuka (Georgi Dimitrov, t. naroden)---
   Album's rating User rating 7.36 / 373 Votes  
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