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  Bylgarski narodni tanci
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Product: #12
Label: Gega New
Style: Folklore Music
Serial id: GD 107
Released: 1996
Buy mc $ 12.15

Buy cd $ 16.00
In the Bulgarian folk tradition instrumental music performs a specific function - to accompany the horo dances played on Sundays or at public holidays in the village square. In Dobroudja, for example, the typical horo dances Opas, Sborenka, Ruka, Tropanka, etc. were accompanied on kopanka or bagpipe, and in more recent times, by three concertina-, kopanka- and bagpipe-players. In the Pirin Mountains region the heavy horo dancing used to be accompanied on tambouras, tarambukas, or zournas (in the southernmost parts). In Thrace the favourite instrument is the kaval. With the mass penetration of West-European musical culture some of the instruments which are the closest to the Bulgarian spiritual make up were also introduced - the clarinet, the violin, the accordion... Their new technical resources enhanced immensely the progress in the development of instrumental music which, on its behalf, provoked the skill of folk musicians. Today one can hear equally brilliant virtuosos on both traditional and the so-called "modern" instruments. You will meet some of them in this CD.
   Tracks mp3 sample audio sample video sample
  Balkandzhijsko horo - 7/16 ---
  Bavna pesen i Drosalijsko horo - bezmenzurna i 2/4 ---
  Dajchovo horo - 9/16 ---
  Buenek - 2/4 ---
  Makedonski vihyr - 9/16 ---
  Pravo shopsko horo - 2/4 ---
  Sashova rychenica - 7/16 ---
  Buchimish -15/16 listenlisten-
  Delchovo horo - 2/4 ---
  Humoreska - 4/4 ---
  Tonina rychenica - 7/16 ---
  Opas-2/4 ---
  VretenarsKa rychenica-7/16 ---
  Topolovsko horo - 2/4 ---
  Pajdushko horo-5/16 listenlisten-
  Iambolska rychenica - 7/16 ---
  Krushovensko horo - 9/16 listenlisten-
  Pravo mizijsko horo - 2/4---
   Album's rating User rating 7.28 / 185 Votes  
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