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    Home Electronic Music Simeon Lazar - Holocaust
  Simeon Lazar - Holocaust
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Product: #36
Label: Gega New
Style: Electronic Music
Serial id: GD 104
Released: 1996
Buy cd $ 16.00
Simo LAZAROV is a famous composer of electroacoustic music, one of the pioneers in the genre in Bulgaria. He is the author of a number of works, film soundtracks, incidental music, etc. The composition recorded for this CD is an original and vivid outcry against violence and genocide. It is not only an eulogy to the Jewish people but also an appeal for humanity, kind-heartedness and an opposition to the evil. The very title of the work explains Lazarov's urge to tell the story of one of the most frightful events in human history - the extermination of the Jews during World War II, the horrors of the concentration camps and the gas chambers. Many of the ideas in it belong to members of the composer's family who have directly participated in the creation of the composition. A multi-part structure every fragment of which reveals different moments from the life of the Jews, "Holocaust" uses beautiful ancient national tunes and in the finale Lazarov calls on mankind never to repeat the hell suffered by six million people.
   Tracks mp3 sample audio sample video sample
  I. Life ---
  II. The Black Shadow ---
  III. Holocaust ---
  The Hell listenlisten-
  The Trains ---
  The Death Camps ---
  The Extermination ---
  Cremation ---
  IV. Hopes and Destruction
  Lord, Take our Souls into the Garden of Eden ---
  Annihilation ---
  V. Deliverance
  Survival listenlisten-
  Divine Beginning ---
  Hymn to Rescue ---
  VI. Retrospection ---
  VII. The Eternal Spirit
  Space ---
  The Hands of Time ---
  Homage ---
   Album's rating User rating 7.11 / 167 Votes  
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