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  Sofijski sveshtenicheski hor
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Product: #84
Label: Gega New
Style: Church-Slavonic & Ortodox
Serial id: GD 118
Released: 1999
Buy mc $ 12.15

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The program is part of the series of liturgical music released by Gega New and contains performances of the Sofia Priest Choir established in 1947. The choir has been conducted by prominent Bulgarian clergymen who were masters in the details of the Orthodox singing. For this CD, dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, the choir’s current conductor, Kiril Popov, musician, graduate of the Sofia Ecclesiastical Seminary, with a PhD Degree from the Moscow Ecclesiastical Seminary, has selected some famous psalms, as well as pieces by renowned composers of church chants. The richness of sound of the male voices, the hues of timbres and colours make a special impression in the tracks Praise the Lord from the Heavens, mode 5, by John Koukouzeles, a great historical figure in Bulgarian musical culture, and O Holy God, in which the singers show their mastership in the jubilant singing. The choir sings beautifully these complex compositions and the deeply emotional, elevated music. Cherubic Hymn, mode 5, Meet It Is, mode 5 by Ioan Ohridsky also deserve special attention. Among the other performances are noted In Thy Kingdom by Dobri Hristov, the remarkable author of Bulgarian religious music, as well as the masterpiece O God, Save Thy People by the Russian composer, Pavel Chesnokov. The last track in the CD is the traditional Bulgarian chant Grant, O Lord, Many Years - a message and greeting to all Christians.
   Tracks mp3 sample audio sample video sample
  From the Great Litany - an Eastern Church chant, mode 8 ---
  From Ps. 102 (103), mode 8-adapted by L. Ignatov ---
  0 Holy God, mode 3 - after N. Tuleshkov ---
  From Litany of Fervent Supplication, mode 6 ---
  Cherubic Hymn, mode 5 - Bolgarskii rospev listenlisten-
  A Mercy of Peace, mode 5 - Bolgarskoe ---
  Meet It Is, mode 5 - loan H. Ohridsky ---
  Praise the Lord from the Heavens (Ps. 148), mode 5 - St. John Koukouzeles, adapted by L. Ignatov ---
  The Angel's Lament - P. Dinev listenlisten-
  In Thy Kingdom - D. Hristov, arr. by I. Kurtev ---
  All My Trust- P. Dinev ---
  0 God, Save Thy People - P. Chesnokov, arr. by D. Dimitrov ---
  The Sematron Is Pealing (lyrics by Ivan Vazov) - T. Koichev (Bishop Tihon), arr. by K. Popov ---
  Legend of the Twelve Robbers (lyrics by N. Nekrasov) - arr. by S. Zharov listenlisten-
  How Glorious Is Our God - D. Bortnyansky ---
  Song in Praise of Sts. Cyril and Methodius (Part 1) - D. Solovyov ---
  Grant, 0 Lord, Many Years (Mnogaya leta) -1. Sorokin, D. Bortnyansky---
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