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    Home Folklore Music Muzikalni instrumenti v Bylgaria - Gajda
  Muzikalni instrumenti v Bylgaria - Gajda
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Product: #748
Label: Gega New
Style: Folklore Music
Serial id: GD 106
Released: 2004
Buy cd $ 16.00
After the success of the first two albums of the series "Musical Instruments in Bulgaria" (Rumen Sirakov - tambura, and Demko Kurtev's Zourna Group), Gega New Musical Company presents to the listeners one of the most loved and widely used instruments - the gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe). The bagpipe originated in Southeast Asia. It underwent various changes and today there are versions of the instrument in many countries of Asia, Europe, and Africa. The bagpipe is widely spread in the Bulgarian folk tradition. There are two main types of bagpipe: kaba (low-sounding) gaida, characteristic of the Rhodope Mountains region, and djura (high-sounding) gaida, used in the remaining part of the country. There are also some rare cases of a bagpipe with two chanters (melody pipes), the so-called two-reed bagpipe (chifte-gaida). The present release includes performances by the most renowned bagpipers from all folk regions of the country: the Rhodope Gaida Orchestra (known mainly by the name 100 Kaba Gaida Orchestra), directed by Apostol Kisyov; Georgi Musorliev, Kostadin Varimezov, Nikola Atanassov, Alexander Raichev, Georgi Doichev, Dimiter Chupetlovski, Ilia Dimitrov, Krassimir Kondov, etc. The CD booklet contains extensive information about the origin, development, composition and varieties of the bagpipe in Bulgaria and in the world and this will be of special interest to the admirers of this instrument.
   Tracks mp3 sample audio sample video sample
  Smeseni rodopski pesni listenlisten-
  Duma se duma ot stari liude ---
  Ovcharska pesen, Svornato i pravo horo ---
  Buenek ---
  Na selskiat megdan ---
  Proletno horo listenlisten-
  Na borba - melodii ot Karnobat ---
  Gerdzhelijskata ---
  Pirinska Makedonia
  Makedonski ritmi ---
  Shopski region
  Shopsko pravo horo ---
  Shopska rychenica ---
  Severozapadna Bylgaria
  Melodii ot Kula ---
  Izruchanka i Gryncharsko horo ---
  Svatbeno horo ---
  Severna Bylgaria i Dobrudzha
  Bavni melodii i rychenici listenlisten-
  Trite pyti ---
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